all those kleptomaniacs #659 verse: 4

I gave them maps to travel by,

and shoes to fit their feet,

the vagabonds, the dark avengers,

dancing down the street.

red map shoes  Jo Forrest

I had this idea of putting maps on the insides of a pair of shoes, and on the soles. That way, you’d never get lost, and it might make you want to travel. I got the shoes at the thrift shop, and I printed the map from an image I had. The flag is a New Zealand flag.

red map shoes  Jo Forrest

The bottom of one shoe, and the inside of the other one.

red map shoes  Jo Forrest

I had a good time photographing them on different backgrounds. I was thinking of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, if she’d had shoes with a map, then she would have known how to get home.