barbiedoll fairy queens

barbiedoll mermaid fairy

Barbiedoll mermaid fairy queen. Recycled barbie doll, pre-mixed cement, glitter, chain, bead, soldered crown, pearls, stained glass wings, tail.

barbiedoll mermaid fairy queen side view.

Side view.

Rhino fairy.

Rhino fairy, glass wings, plastic toy from the thrift shop, in a bag with the two sheep I wanted for a painting, and two goats, because that’s a natural combination.

barbiedoll fairy plastic salad bowl umbrella.

The first barbiedoll fairy queen. Glass wings, tulle skirt, amber heart necklace, glitter, rhinestones, pearls, plastic leaves.

skeleton fairy king solder crown.

New crown made from solder for the skeleton fairy king.

Rapunzel tower,  Jo Forrest.

The start of the next project, the Rapunzel barbiedoll fairy tower. I have to cut out the window. That should be fun. Metal furnace pipe, metal cone Christmas decoration roof, covered in premixed cement.

Small turret.

Making the roof for the small turret. I got a small styrofoam cone from Mary Maxim’s. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be used for, but it was the perfect size for the smaller turret. It’s covered in premixed cement from Canadian Tire. I glued it to the top of this plastic container to work on it. The rocks are for weight at the bottom so it wouldn’t tip over.

Castle turret.

I attached the roof of the small turret to a cardboard core from some wrapping paper and applied the premixed cement and stones to it to make the smaller turret.


Flagpoles made from small skewers and soldered copper foil. The finials on top are lids from bottles of glue, and beads painted silver.

Rapunzel barbiedoll fairy, wig in the sink.

The wig I got from Value Village, washed and drying in the sink.

Rapunzel barbiedoll fairy doll.  Dress, hair.  She still needs wings.

Rapunzel barbiedoll. Hair extensions, dress. Fabric scraps, sewn, glued. Still needs wings.

Rapunzel and Barbiedoll fairy.

Rapunzel barbiedoll fairy in her castle, in the garden, with the flying fairy barbiedoll. What should I do next? I have a red-headed barbie doll…Little Red Riding Hood?

jo forrest tiger glass wings

I got a plastic tiger at the thrift shop to photograph with the day lilies for a painting, but then I thought I should make a fairy tiger, so I went to the glass store and got some orange glass. The pattern is just laying on the glass. I have to glue it down, then cut the glass. He’ll go outside with the fairy rhino I made.

winged tiger

Flying Tiger. Plastic thrift shop tiger, glass wings.

The waterglass wings cast a striped shadow.