Paris Painted Rocks

People in my neighbourhood have been painting rocks, and putting them out for other people to find, photograph, and move to a new location.  The pictures are posted on the Facebook page Paris Painted Rocks.  I didn't think I was going to do any, but I found a stash of rocks beside the house, so I decided to paint a few and see how it went. 


This is one of the skull painted rocks.


Close-up of a few of the painted rocks.

Paris Painted Rocks July 13 '18.JPG

A plateful of painted rocks.  I'm now making an Egyptian mummy skeleton fairy, with a backdrop and a sarcophagus...if I can find the cheesecloth.  The Egyptian eye rocks can go with that.

The face rocks are modeled from air-dry clay on top of the rock. 

DSCF2887 (2).JPG

Skull painted rock.  I put all the ones I'd painted in the narrow flower bed beside the house, and they'd all gone the next day.  I'm working on the second batch now.


Another skull painted rock.




The moon.


A few skull rocks.


Kind of Australian colours.


More rocks.  They're so much fun to do.


An Egyptian painted eye rock in front of the pyramid.

DSC03148 (2).JPG

King Tut Fairy Skeleton Egyptian Pyramid, and painted stone.

Paris painted rocks Jo Forrest Sept 26 2018.JPG

A few more painted rocks. I like the earth and moon in space rock the best. Acrylic base coat, acrylic design. Golden Acrylic paint. I’m spray varnishing them now.


Three gold faces.

Paris painted rocks Jo Forrest Sept 26 2018 (2).JPG

Face, painted rock.

Guinness stone, Julian's grave.JPG

Union Jack painted stone, Julian’s grave, England. 2018.