a heart that beats for love alone

It's not a star, it's not a fish,

it's not the missing link,

it's just the heart of love's salvation,

vitrified in pink.

A heart that beats for love alone
is easily deceived,
the lonely bear the burden,
if the dead can be believed.

Every object ever made
will crumble into dust,
we consecrate the darkness,
but our hearts will not combust.

Silence was our first defense,
we never said a word,
we slipped into a lucid dream,
our sad confessions slurred.

You held us in the clear and present danger
of your gaze,
we’re tired of the beauty of infinity
these days.

At night we shun the crescent moon
and all her doubtful scars,
above us, there are cold machines
adrift among the stars.

The constellations crowd the sky,
the moon reflects the light,
the eye that sheds a million tears
see shadows in the night.

The ghost of something mythical
escaped into the sea,
it bred its local population

It’s not a star, it’s not a fish,
it’s not a missing link,
it’s just the heart of love’s salvation,
vitrified in pink.

Coral grows on everything,
it blunts our perfect teeth,
squint, and you will recognize
the scaffolding beneath.

I wrote a letter to the king,
I licked the stamp and ran,
I want to be the shadow of
an ordinary man.

We curl inside our spiral shells,
our bodies soft and pink,
wither me with random words,
I’m smaller than you think.

Death comes in and flips a coin,
it glitters in the sun,
he winnows every fairy tale of darkness
down to one.

Sleep with me beneath the moon,
enveloped and afraid,
we’ll slide our fingers slowly down
the moon’s unblemished blade.

Resurrect the sleeping dead
and hold them in your arms,
immune you are, and ravished by
their incandescent charms.

Fill the empty spaces in your heart
with neon light,
go to bed and burn for ruin,
every single night.

The heart that beats for solid gold
maintains a cool reserve,
the sentimental valentine
is more than we deserve.

Fables are the heart’s reward,
we lived to tell the tale,
how cautious is the demon
in the belly of the whale.

There’s love and death and entropy,
there’s nothing in between,
if you’re the king of all that burns,
then I’m the gasoline.

Find me when the sun goes down,
we’ll dig your muddy grave,
the heart that burns for pleasure
is impossible to save.

Wear a wreath of stolen bones,
remember who you are,
know that you were molten
in the belly of a star.

Stare at death with glowing eyes,
he’s come to lift the veil,
his horse stands lonely by his side,
in moonlit pastures pale.

Curse the dark and fall asleep,
your dreams will fossilize,
you’ll have to learn to live without their wisdom,

Dreams rebuild the tower from a past
that never was,
but love will fade away,
if that’s all dreaming does.

mt forest
January 14 2017

This painting was done from a photograph I took of a giant starfish in Punta Cana.