Cockroach painting for the book 'Dancing down entropy street'.


Layer one.  I'm getting to the end of my book, but I have a few images I need to do for it.  I'm having some technical difficulties with the word processing program that I'm trying to resolve.  I had hoped to have been finished by August, but now the new deadline is Christmas.  If I don't make that, then sometime in the new year.  I have one more painting to do after this one, for the poem 'weeping for a crow'.  I have lots of poems I'd like to include, but I'm up to 125 pages now so I think I should stop.  I can always make another book, right? 


So, a few more layers of paint, and it's almost finished.  I have to refine the yellow haze around the cockroach.  Is it weird that I like him?  The poem that goes with this image is called ess oh ess.