Skeleton fairy house

DSCF2723 (2).JPG

Skeleton fairy house, close-up.  Moose hip joint, wood, driftwood, plastic dollar store skeleton, air-dry clay, beads, embellishments. 

DSCF2725 (2).JPG

Skeleton fairy house with four skeleton fairy kings.

DSCF2720 (2).JPG

Shadow fairy king, holding a plastic faceted heart.

DSCF2722 (2).JPG

Ghost skeleton fairy king, holding a plastic heart.

DSCF2721 (2).JPG

Skeleton fairy house, ghost skeletons.

I've seen a number of fairy houses in the neighbourhood, but they're not my style, so I didn't think I'd want to make one, until I thought about the little plastic skeletons I got at Halloween one year, and then I thought I'd like to make my own dark version of a fairy house, and here it is.  What else can I say?  This is so me...

DSCF2786 (2).JPG

For Canada Day.  They need beerskis and baseball hats.


Canadian skeleton fairy, unfinished.


Both Canadian skeleton fairies.  Unfinished.  Air-dry clay baseball caps, wire for wings.


Muskoka chair with air-dry clay beer bottle.  Unfinished.


Inukshuk for Canadian skeleton fairy garden.  Painted face.  Stones from the beach at Port Dover, and beside the Grand River in Paris.


Two skeleton fairies with baseball caps and beer bottles, sitting on their Muskoka chairs.


DSCF2803 (2).JPG

Two Canadian fairy skeletons, with an Inukshuk.


Stone, pre-mixed cement, sand, pebbles for the landscape.  I'm trying to decide if I should make a small lake or not.

Little Fairy Skeletons cabin front and side view.JPG

Made a little cabin to go with the beer drinking fairy skeletons.  The door opens on real hinges. The smoke is made from steel wool.  The window is a square of glass from the dollar store.  The basic structure was a house-shaped shelf from the dollar store. Acrylic paint, air dry clay.

Little Fairy Skeletons cabin door opened wood stove, tea pot.JPG

Door opened.  Inside is a wood stove, made from air-dry clay, acrylic paint.  The tea pot is a metal place card holder.  Clock made from watch parts.

Little Fairy Skeletons interior wood stove tea pot.JPG

The wood stove, door opened (it has a real hinge, made from wire, and a bead.  The flames are pieces of red glass, and the wood is driftwood from the beach in Gibsons.

Little Fairy Skeletons cabin, back.JPG

This is the back.  I sign my work mt forest, with a glyph I've been using since the 70's.  I usually put a stamp on the back of my work too.  Just for fun.


Cabin, behind the Canadian fairy skeletons drinking beer.

DSC03151 (2).JPG

Interior of the pyramid, fairy skeleton mummy, painted stone, etc.

DSC03148 (2).JPG

Fairy Skeleton King Tut pyramid, and sculpture from the dollar store, painted.  Painted Eye of Horus stone.

Skeleton fairy king.  Jo Forrest.

The latest Fairy Skeleton King. Plastic skeleton, air-dry clay crown, gold and red and black paint.

skeleton fairy king repair 2 (2).jpg

Needs to have a new crown made. This one disintegrated over the winter.

barbie doll fairy wings, unfinished.

Barbiedoll fairy with iridescent glass wings. Unfinished.

barbiedoll fairy plastic salad bowl umbrella

The finished barbiedoll fairy, hanging under a plastic salad bowl for an umbrella to keep her dry in the rain.

skeleton fairy king soldered crown

A new crown made of solder for my fairy skeleton king. Hopefully this one will last in the rain. The air-dry clay dissolves, even if it’s varnished.